Pain-Free Air Abrasion Dentistry From Your Dentists in Toronto

Now more than ever, dentistry advancements are making it possible to not only treat a host of dental issues quickly and effectively, but to also minimize and even eradicate pain in the process.

At St. Raphael’s Dental Care, we’re proud to offer Waterlase and Air Abrasion dental systems, both of which enable us to give you the care you need while reducing or removing discomfort, pain, and fear.


What is Waterlase?

Used on both children and adults, Waterlase is a system combining, water, air, and laser energy to safely treat decay. It’s virtually pain-free, can be used without anesthetic or a drill, and is highly convenient for both dentists and patients as it allows many treatments to be completed at once.

Additionally, Waterlase can be used for numerous dental applications, offers incredibly precise care, and doesn’t require the removal of a large amount of tooth as traditional drills do. Because the system targets only the damaged area of a tooth, it also leaves the rest of it intact and untouched.


What is Air Abrasion?

A technique used to treat small areas of decay in patients of all ages, the system works like a mini sandblaster to eradicate cavities. It generates zero vibration, heat, or pressure, reduces the need for anesthesia when the cavity is shallow, and leaves more of the healthy tooth intact.

Air abrasion dental can be used to remove certain types of composite restorations, to prepare a tooth surface for sealants or bonding material, and it can also remove light staining and tooth discolorations. Administered with a dental handpiece, it works by sending a stream of particles – made of aluminum oxide, silica, or a baking soda mix –to the damaged area of the tooth via a gas or compressed air. This causes small particles of decay on the surface of the tooth to be removed while an attached suction tube clears them away.

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