Nightguards From Your Dentists in Toronto

Designed to protect your teeth while you sleep, these custom-made dental appliances prevent the wearer from grinding teeth while sleeping, which can damage tooth enamel and cause significant damage to teeth over time. By opting for a dentist night guard, you're choosing a solution that's specifically crafted based on the unique contours of your mouth, providing optimal protection against nighttime teeth grinding.

What is a nightguard?

Made from a thin plastic material, a nightguard is a device that’s worn over the teeth while sleeping to prevent the top and bottom teeth from grinding against each other. This soft night guard not only minimizes the risk of teeth grinding but also helps in reducing jaw tension and preventing long-term damage to your dental health.

Many people who grind their teeth while sleeping do so unconsciously. Unfortunately, over time, the habit can result in teeth being significantly damaged, both in terms of chips and breaks, as well as worn down enamel.

Why is wearing one beneficial?

In addition to the protection they offer teeth, nightguards also help relieve the pain of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), a condition in which the jaw muscles are sore and tight, and the joint that connects the skull and jaw experiences disfunction. Wearing a nightguard can reduce muscle fatigue and relieve the pain caused by this condition.

People who grind their teeth at night are also more likely to experience headaches that are caused by clenching and grinding. Using a nightguard reduces and often eliminates their occurrence, thanks to the pressure in the teeth and jaw being eradicated.

How long does a professional nightguard last?

While some wearers find that their nightguard lasts an average of five years, depending on your grinding or clenching tendencies, it’s lifespan can vary significantly.

Are you wondering if a nightguard may benefit you? Find out how a nightguard dental appliance can safeguard your smile and alleviate discomfort. Call our office today to arrange a consultation!

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  • Protect your teeth and gums
  • Prevent serious damage, including cracked teeth and the need for extractions
  • Eradicate jaw pain and headaches caused by night grinding
  • Improve sleep patterns and feel rested when in the morning
  • Keep your smile healthy for life!

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