TMD/TMJ Treatment From Your Dentists in Toronto

Referred to as both TMD and TMJ, temporomandibular joint disorder is the name of a variety of conditions that affect the flexible joints between your skull and jaw. Because they move in multiple directions while being able to endure significant forces of biting and chewing, these joints are unique in the body. However, when stress is placed on them, a number of disfunctions can occur, including muscle spasms and strain, as well as a loss of jaw function.

What are the symptoms of TMD/TMJ?

People often report that they feel a clicking sensation when opening their mouth, or that they have facial pain or headaches after waking, which can sometimes extend into the day. An orthodontic TMD consultation can help diagnose these symptoms accurately, offering tailored treatment plans to alleviate the pain and correct the dysfunction causing these uncomfortable sensations.

What causes TMD/TMJ?

Grinding or clenching your teeth excessively are potential causes, as are crooked teeth and/or an over or underbite. Congenital jaw defects wherein the lower jaw is not properly aligned with the upper jaw may be another cause, along with head or neck trauma, such as whiplash. This condition is known to impact the muscles surrounding these joints, but it can also affect the tissues and structures within them, as well. Seeking orthodontic TMJ jaw services can provide relief and address the underlying issues causing discomfort.

How is the condition treated?

At St. Raphael’s Dental Care, it’s a two-phase process. Initially, during our TMD services in Toronto, we focus on determining the cause of TMD/TMJ and then progress to reducing the symptoms and improving the lower jaw’s mobility. The second phase involves treating the factors that are putting stress on the joints, and based on your unique situation, we may recommend involving orthodontic TMJ treatment in Toronto, prosthetic, or dental treatments to do so.

Wondering if you’re experiencing this condition and how we can help with TMD services in Toronto? Our TMJ specialist Toronto team is dedicated to diagnosing and treating TMD with the latest orthodontic TMJ treatments. Don't let discomfort control your life—get expert care now. Call our office today to learn more about orthodontic TMJ treatment in Toronto and schedule a consultation!

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  • Eradicate pain and strain in the joints between your jaws and skull
  • Eliminate headaches and/or a clicking sensation when opening your mouth
  • Utilize a dental appliance to protect your teeth, gums, and jaw
  • Prevent short- and long-term jaw function damage
  • Protect your smile!

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