Teeth Whitening From Your Dentists in Toronto

Studies show that a bright, white smile not only improves your first impression, it also makes you look more approachable, younger, and it even improves your personal and professional relationships. It’s no wonder that it’s one of the most in-demand dentistry treatments in North America today.

What type of whitening treatments do we offer?

For the quickest and most uniform results, we offer Philips ZOOM in-office whitening system. Not only does it whiten teeth by multiple shades – you choose the level of whitening you’d like! – it works on patients with sensitive teeth, as well.

We also offer a take-home whitening system that patients can utilize from the comfort of their home. While results take longer to achieve, many patients choose gradual whitening because it allows them to be discreet when whitening, and to “freshen” their smile when they feel it needs a boost.

How are teeth whitened with each system?

With in-office ZOOM whitening, your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned before your lips and gums are covered, exposing only your teeth. The whitening gel will then be applied, and the ZOOM light will be activated for approximately 15 minutes. The gel will be applied for two additional 15-minute sessions, and when the treatment is complete, teeth will have a fluoride gel-paste applied to reduce sensitivity.

With our at-home system, we’ll record your “before whitening” shade and take an impression of your mouth. The impression will be used to create customized trays that will perfectly fit your mouth, ensuring that only your teeth are in contact with the trays. We’ll provide you with a bleaching solution to meet your whitening needs, along with guidance on how to apply the liquid, how often to use the trays, and for how long.

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  • Brighten your smile
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  • Safely whiten teeth by multiple shades
  • Choose from in-office or at-home treatments
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