Dental Porcelain Veneers From Your Dentists in Toronto

An incredibly effective way to rejuvenate and transform your smile aesthetic, dental composite veneers offer patients the opportunity to update the look, size, and color of their teeth. They can also rectify minor alignment issues in some cases, and because they can last upwards of 10 years with a dedicated oral hygiene routine, they’re long-lasting, as well.

What are dental veneers and how are they placed?

Made from porcelain materials, these shells are designed to sit on your natural tooth after a small amount of enamel is removed. A mold of your tooth will be made and used to make a customized porcelain veneer, and a temporary veneer will be put in place until your final version is ready to be placed. As temporary versions are very delicate and fragile, patients should take extra care when utilizing them.

When your final version is ready, we’ll ask you to return to our office, at which point your temporary version will be removed and a mild chemical solution will be placed on your tooth to roughen its surface slightly, helping with adhesion. Then, your veneer will be permanently cemented in place with composite resin.

Who is a candidate for veneers?

While most patients will be candidates for composite veneers, they aren’t an option for everyone. If a patient’s tooth has decay or is experiencing gum/periodontal disease, these issues need to be treated before a veneer is an option. A tooth with a small amount of enamel won’t benefit from a veneer since it won’t adhere properly, and a tooth that’s been significantly damaged (by injury or decay) can be problematic for veneer placement. In these cases, a dental crown is often a viable alternative option.

What are Lumineers?

Similar to porcelain versions, Lumineers are a brand of very thin veneers that can be put in place without the removal of enamel.

How should veneers and Lumineers be cared for?

As with natural teeth, these cosmetic enhancements should be brushed twice and flossed once daily. The tooth they’re attached to can still experience cavities, so it’s important to ensure that you care for them diligently.

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  • Correct chipping, staining and severe discolouration issues
  • Remove unwanted spaces between your teeth
  • Update the look, colour, and shape of your teeth
  • Straighten your smile without orthodontic treatment in some cases
  • Boost your smile confidence!

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