Sedation Dentistry From Your Dentists in Toronto

St. Raphaels's Dental Care provides dental sedation in Toronto for patient’s comfort while performing dental procedures. It involves taking medication orally that helps to relax and feel comfortable.

What is Oral Sedation?

Dental anxiety is the most common problem that people suffer during dental treatments. Fears such as pain, dental equipment sound, and fear of losing control during treatment contribute to dental anxiety. Nowadays there are many ways to cope with dental anxiety, one of which is oral sedation in Toronto.

At St. Raphael's Dental Care, as sedation dentistry in Toronto, we look forward to providing various patient-centric services along with oral sedation in Toronto. Though we provide oral sedation services to our patients, we allow them to understand the reasons before opting for oral sedation in Toronto during their regular or emergency dentist visits for dental treatments.

Reasons to opt for dental sedation in Toronto

    • To cope with dental anxiety

During dental visits, oral sedation in Toronto can help you feel relaxed and comfortable if you have dental anxiety. The medication used in oral sedation can help calm your nerves and reduce stress, allowing you to receive the dental care you need without fear and discomfort.

    • Helps to deal with Dental Phobia

Dental anxiety is so severe that it is classified as a dental phobia for some people. Dental phobia can be a debilitating condition preventing individuals from seeking dental care. Dental sedation in Toronto can help people with dental phobia by inducing a state of deep relaxation that makes it possible to receive necessary dental care without experiencing intense fear and panic.

    • For Invasive Dental Procedures

Oral sedation can opt for invasive procedures such as tooth extraction, dental implant placement, or root canal treatment. As these procedures are uncomfortable and painful, the procedures become manageable with the help of oral sedation.

    • Reduces Gag Reflex

Some people have a strong gag reflex, making dental treatment difficult. Oral sedation can help reduce the gag reflex, making it possible for your dentist to perform the necessary dental procedures without triggering your reflex.

    • Saves your time

Oral sedation can help you save time during your dental visit by reducing the need for multiple appointments. With oral sedation, you can receive multiple treatments in one appointment, making it possible to complete your dental work more quickly and efficiently.

    • Temporary Amnesia

One of the benefits of oral sedation is that it can cause temporary amnesia. This means that you may not remember the details of your dental procedure, which can be beneficial for people who have had traumatic dental experiences in the past.

    • Useful for Special Needs

Oral sedation can be helpful for individuals with special needs, such as autism or developmental disabilities, who may have difficulty sitting still or cooperating during dental procedures. The medication used in oral sedation can help them relax and make the procedure more manageable.

Sedation Dentistry in Toronto with St. Raphael's Dental Care

If you face dental anxiety, talk to your dentist about practicing dental sedation in Toronto on potential risks before dental treatments. St. Raphael's Dental Care provides a range of dental services, including crowns and bridges, Invisalign, dental veneers, emergency dentistry, teeth whitening, and sedation. You can visit St. Raphael's Dental Care if you are looking for sedation dentistry in Toronto. Our oral sedation options help add a layer of comfort and relaxation during dental treatments. Our team ensures you get a relaxed and comfortable dental experience with our patient-oriented treatments allowing us to earn your trust.

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